Industria CAVEL S.r.l. produces in Italy, for more than 30 years, single and multicore cables insulated with fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, MFA, PFA, ETFE), specific for high temperature applications.
The control of the entire company activity is entrusted to the assiduous and constant personal commitment of the Sambusseti family, founder and sole owner of the company.

The quality of our products has always been checked with particular attention and it is regularly controlled with special instruments on the production lines and during the packaging of the cable.

Our quality control laboratory has got specific test equipment for checking and measuring the main properties of our products and verifying their compliance with the applicable standards.

This allows us to meet the needs of our customers and to occupy a relevant position on the market. Our cables are sold both in Italy and abroad, especially in Europe; through our customers, they are then spread all over the world.

Industria CAVEL S.r.l.: Electric cables insulated with fluoropolymers since 1984

Industria CAVEL S.r.l

Industria Cavel S.r.l. has been operating for over 30 years in the production of special electrical cables for high temperatures insulated with thermoplastic fluorocarbon resins (FEP, MFA, PFA, ETFE) and thermosetting (PTFE taped)

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Industria CAVEL S.r.l.

A Via S. Predengo, 46
26100 Cremona (Italy)

T+39 0372 471459

F+39 0372 471367


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